Body Image Week

This week is body image and eating disorder awareness week. I’m not going to ask you to throw water on your head or even donate any money. All I will ask is that you tell the young girls and women in your life that they are beautiful. That you love them for their strength, their kindness, their intelligence. That they … Read More

The words we use are important…

A new Verizon commercial cites a sad statistic by the National Science Foundation: 66 percent of 4th grade girls say they like science and math, but only 18 percent of all college engineering majors are female. People have offered many potential explanations for this discrepancy, but this ad highlights the importance of the social cues that push girls away from math and … Read More

Words every girl should learn

I just read a fascinating article about how women are affected by the politeness and subservience standards we set for girls versus what we set for boys. It’s a very interesting piece which really pulls into focus how we need to start looking at how we treat our kids – more so our daughters – to help them to not … Read More

Operation Barbie

I stumbled across this image on B3ta – it’s often (read usually) controversial stuff so be warned if you head there and have a look at some of the other stuff they do.

Frozen Duet

This isn’t me, my kid’s won’t let me sing – probably because I’m really bad at it and it hurts everyone’s ears – but I love this great duet of Frozen’s Let It Go between a father and daughter.


This is a great video, even driving home to the girls in it that their own perceptions of what it means when others say to “run like a girl” or “hit like a girl” and how it’s different from how they themselves actually do these things…

Female Lego Scientists

Lego are bowing to public opinion and pressure and releasing a series of female lego figures with a more professional outlook than the previous waif like Lego Friends figures which were just going to make girls feel more insecure about their bodies and their intelligence from a younger age… This project was picked as the latest Lego Ideas project and … Read More