8th Amendment

If I’m completely honest, I’m struggling with my convictions on this referendum.

I know people who have had abortions – some who feel they made the right decision for them at the time and others who have suffered as a result.  I know people who have had the option of an abortion and didn’t get one and are happy they didn’t.

I am not pro-abortion but I feel I am pro-choice and I have nothing but respect and empathy for those who are faced with having to make that choice for themselves.

While I get completely turned off by the aggressive rhetoric on both sides and sometimes the arguments seem weak, especially if they are kind of “add on” reasons to support the main claims – my understanding is that this referendum is not about the number of weeks or the criteria; it’s about whether or not we as a society remove the current restrictions to allow for this change to happen.

So, what I would like to do is meet people from both sides of the debate to get some different viewpoints.  As I’m a big fan of video as a medium for sharing information, I’d love to record these conversations and share them with others who are also undecided.

If you’d be interested in having a chat with me in the next few weeks, please get in touch and see if we can make something happen to help bring some clarity to this issue for me and hopefully many others.

Please note, I won’t want to get into a screaming match or aggressive confrontations so any messages that feel like that’s where we’d be headed will be ignored.  I’m looking for dialogue and understanding here, not a fight…

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